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Driving Tests Resume:

Driving Tests:  The DVSA have reminded that candidates must be test ready. A large number of candidates are rushing to get a test and failing due to not having the appropriate amount of training and practise. Tests will end and you will return to the test centre after making the first serious or dangerous fault. Do not book a driving test without the agreement of your  Instructor Trainer. If your instructor advises you are not ready for the test follow their advice. To reach a good test ready standard of safe driving takes at least 30 to 50 hours guided training and at least 20 to 30 hours private practise.  

Knaresborough or Northallerton Test area?  Neither one is an easy option. The pass rates are about the same for both. The standards of assessment are the same at both areas. There is a belief among local school students Northallerton is an easy option where it is easier to pass your test. I can confirm this is not true and the Examiners at Northallerton reject strongly that their standards are less than their Knaresborough colleagues.