Information: Driving Test

Driving Tests:

 To ease the pressure on the waiting list for tests DVSA have changed the way Qualified, Licenced Instructors are assessed.  This means instructors will now only send candidates to test when they are very sure they are ready. Do not book a driving test without the agreement of your  Instructor Trainer. If you do you may well be asked to cancel it in future. DVSA suggest that to reach a good test ready standard of safe driving takes on average 30 to 50 hours guided training and at least 20 to 30 hours private practise.  

Knaresborough or Northallerton Test area?  Neither one is an easy option. The pass rates are about the same for both. There is a belief among local school students Northallerton is an easy option where it is easier to pass your test. This is not true. The standards of assessment are the same at both areas.

Rising Fuel/Business Costs: Due to the general all round increases in costs of fuel, power and material goods many driving schools are raising their prices. Listening to driving schools across the region it is likely that by the summer, if nothing changes to ease the pressure on these costs, the average driving lesson price for licenced, professional, properly trained driving instructors will be around £40 for one hour. 

Updated 24-05-2022