Current RIPON  prices as below as at 01-01-2020:

I have structured my rates to give Ripon City students the best opportunity to afford driving lessons. They are excellent value. Simple and straight forward. No price rises while you are with me and no pressure to buy lots of hours in advance. No hidden surprises, my promise.

Basic one hour PAYG
  £25   excellent value.   

New Driver Introduction Package
If you are totally new to driving  (no previous driving/guidance/instruction of any sort) you can ask for your first 5 hours at only £100 payable in advance. After this you can pay by the hour or buy a block of 10 hours if you wish. No hidden surprises, my promise.
Second Family Member Rate
If a member of your Family has already learned to drive with me you can take advantage of this special rate when you start to learn. Only £200 for your first ten hours booked as a block in advance. (this cannot be taken with the new driver package). 
Block booking 10 Hours
£240  Ten hours :  Book 10 hours in advance for £240.