DVSA Driving test changes from December 2017

The DVSA has decided to change the driving test slightly. From December reverse left around a corner and turn the car around in the road will not be tested. Reverse park behind a car and emergency stop will remain part of the test.  the new changes are listed below:

1.  Parking in a bay (hotel-supermarket-offices) will now be tested.

2. Park on the right hand side of the road, reverse, move off again, will be tested.

3. One “show me” question will be asked while you are driving.

4. You may be asked to drive following a Tom Tom Sat Navigation device instructions.

5. The independent drive will be increased from 10 minutes to 20 minutes (half the 40 minute test).

You will still only be asked to do one slow speed manoeuvre, and possibly an emergency stop.


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