Pass Plus Success for Catherine..!

Well done to Catherine Harris who successfully completed her Pass Plus Course recently, Congratulations…!
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Congratulations Dean Winter..

Congratulations Dean Winter passing your DSA driving test FIRST TIME  at Knaresborough today with PWP. You deserved it..well done Dean….!
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Congratulations Naomi Rudland

Congratulations Naomi passing your DSA driving test at Knaresborough today after only 12 lessons: A phenomenal achievement ! Thanks also to Dad for all his invaluable support.
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Congratulations to Holly Molloy!

Congratulations Holly passing your DSA driving test, first go, at Knaresborough today with flying colours, all that hard work paid off. Good work Paul
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Congratulations Rhiannon

Congratulations Rhiannon on passing your DSA Driving Test at Knaresborough with PWP. No one could have worked harder, you deserved it.
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Congratulations Naomi

Well done to Naomi Rudland passing her theory first time with flying colours..
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Congratulations Holly..!

Well done to Holly molloy on passing her DSA Theory Test first time..Good Work..
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Congratulations Rhiannon..!

Well done Rhiannon Lynch, passing your Theory Test first time…congratulations..!
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Congratulations Catherine

Well done to Catherine Harris who passed her driving test at Knaresborough test centre.
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